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Holistic Swedish Massage, Cornwall
Jala Wellbeing, Logo

Jala symbolises the water element in Sanskrit. In both massage and yoga, water has consistently proven to be my most profound teacher, informing every aspect of my practice. I learn to embody fluidity and adaptability to meet each individual's unique needs, mirroring water’s ability to effortlessly embrace its surroundings, adjusting it’s form accordingly. As nature’s ultimate healer, water masters the polarity of strength and softness, finding harmony in its ebb and flow, balancing effort with ease. Water calls us to cultivate presence, to transition from the mind to the body, to intuitively discern the medicine required in each moment to flow through life’s currents.


I believe in the power of touch and movement to help you uncover this equilibrium. I aim to offer a sense of renewal, tranquility, and revitalisation to your home, fostering the mental clarity and serenity you seek.


Jala Wellbeing is a mobile business that comes to you.

"The massage with Zaz was so relaxing. I tend to be a very tense person, but she was so completely professional and made me feel totally at ease. The massage was really relaxing and I especially enjoyed the head massage! I can’t wait to book another!"


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